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Hello there, and welcome to my humble blog.

I am a qualified psychologist registered with the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology and a certified HRDF trainer. With a passion in personal development, my mission is to improve the satisfaction of life with as many people around me. Because of that, I have logged significant hours in private consultation sessions with clients from various backgrounds. I manage a psychological practice, and have also started up an online application to allow more accessible counseling services to the general public.

With a burning desire to reach out to more people, I have been actively involved with training and talks throughout the span of my work. My most recent career venture involves coaching and facilitation of university students in developing emotional intelligence.

In my spare time, I enjoy reflecting and writing down my thoughts. I find myself reading resources related to psychology, mental health, economics, and politics too. Last but not least, time spent with my loved ones are vital in keeping me satisfied and balanced.

Would you like to get in touch? I am reachable via e-mail at hello@alvin.my or through LinkedIn.



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